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About us
Constantly in search of fresh movement, colorful and audacious expressivity, Carte Blanche mixes levity and depth to create innovative and engaging performances which present a respectfuly iconoclastic perspective on our artistic heritages, a contemporary reflexion on intrinsic, yet often invisible cultural memories.
Through dance, theatre and interactive video, Carte Blanche performs accessible, honest and articulated work, using dreams, poetry, humor, language and cultural diversity as a starting point for a thoughtful narrative, a journey into our human identity.
Founded by two French women (Charline Formenty and Marie Walburg Plouviez) in search for a cultural bridge between their culture and the city they live in, Carte Blanche is a dance/theatre company based in San Francisco, Bay Area.
Artistic director Charline Formenty plays in nuances with generosity and spontaneity, passion and light, seduction and presence, freedom and rigor to share her poetic approach on existential problems and pushes the doors between truth and invisibility.
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Email: info@carteblanche-sf.com
Phone: +1 (415) 506-7488
1491 8th avenue #2,
94122 San Francisco, CA, USA
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Charline Formenty | Artistic Director, Visual Designer, Producer, Marketing Director, Graphic & Web Designer, and Founder >> See Portfolio
My name is Charline Formenty, I am an artist based in San Francisco, California. Originally from Paris, France, I caught the theater bug very early in life: began performing at the age of 3 and have not stopped since. My stories are cut-and-paste montages assembled from art history and literature, observations of daily life and politics, and the vivid imagery and mythos of my dreams. ​ I founded my first theater/dance company, Les Petites Portes, in 2000. I was the artistic director, writer and producer of the company, created 10 shows and a short movie over a period of 8 years. After graduating from university Paris III and IESA Paris (2008) with a double degree in Art History and Production Management, I worked for DCA - Philippe Decouflé and Le Cirque du Soleil. In 2009 I moved to San Francisco, started freelancing as a designer/photographer for companies like Theatre of Yugen, Cirque Noir, Here and Now Dance Company, etc., founded my company Carte Blanche and created Ophelia at Fort Mason Center, le Garage and NOHspace (2013) and Femme Fatale at NOHspace, Ashby Stage and San Francisco International Arts Festival 2015. Worked for 6 years at for SFJAZZ as a house manager, I currently teach dance-theater at the Lycée Français de San Francisco and I am the Marketing Coordinator and Graphic Designer for Zaccho Dance Theatre.
Marie Walburg Plouviez | Performer, Founder >>See Portfolio
Marie is an actress, dancer, performer and yoga teacher who loves to mix styles and techniques but stays grounded in the art and movement of the body. As an actress, she graduated from Nice University with a Masters in Performing Arts and entered the French National Conservatory for a 3 year intensive training program. She worked with numerous directors, choreographers, conductors, circus performers and has built the true knowledge and artisanal savoir-faire of a professional performer. In 2009, she created her own theater company and worked for many ensembles and touring companies in France. As a dancer, she has years of classical and contemporary training, attended many workshops in France, Africa and Romania, and was a teacher of traditional dance. In 2011, she moved to San Francisco and with Charline Formenty created the theater-dance company Carte Blanche. Together, they created 2 shows: Ophelia in 2012 and Femme Fatale in 2014, and succeeded in building a strong reputation in the Bay Area arts network; overcoming the challenge of being in a new place with a new language. Marie also worked with different artists in the Bay including Joe Landini in Bitter Queen, Essential Action Production in Suddenly Last Summer, and FoolsFury in The Seeing Place. More recently she has been developing her aerial dance skills in Zaccho Studio and performed in Cirqu’elle which toured in Santa Barbara and for the Summer Stage in New York City. Marie is delighted to work for the next few months on touring with Femme Fatale.
Paulo Presotto | Videographer and Sound Designer >>See Portfolio
Versatile Brazilian Media Producer, Paulo has been involved in the Bay Area music scene for the past ten years. Worked at ShoreLine Amphitheatre with Live Nation where he got exposed to massive productions, acquiring technical knowledge in sound, lights and video. Joined Youth Uprising as their multimedia coordinator, mentoring young producers. Currently working as stage manager for major festivals and venues such as Stern Grove Festival and SFJAZZ. Artistically, Paulo is mostly influenced by tropical rhythms and colors, covered with vintage flavors. He also produces PORRETA! the monthly brazilian Forrò night at the iconic Elbo Room. Paulo is excited to join Carte Blanche as a videographer, to develop interactive work and story telling through technology.
Tom Hansen | Light Designer
Illinois native, but in SF for the last 30 years, Tom has worked in a variety of venues and jobs in the performing arts.

Currently Rental Manager at SFJAZZ, where he works with clients on all aspects of a wide range of performances and events, he's delighted to have the opportunity to return to his stage lighting roots with this show. Other work has included Production and Operations Management, Technical Direction, and Lighting at Cal Performances, UC Berkeley; Cal Shakes; Marin Theatre Company; and the long gone One Act Theatre Co. of San Francisco.
Koya Takahashi | Video Animation Designer and Graphic Designer >>See Portfolio
Born 1985 in Aichi, Japan.
Film creator. Lives in Tokyo.
Takahashi Koya researches mythological motifs such as nature, the universe, religion and folk legend as well as the effects created by today’s image expressions.
2008 Graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music. 2011 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts.
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Touring 2013
April 4, 6, 7, 11, 13, & 14th, 2013
@ Fort Mason Center, San Francisco
March 22 & 23rd, 2013
@ Semaine de la Francophonie, Portland OR
February 22 & 23rd, 2013
@ The Garage, San Francisco
Touring 2012
San Francisco @NOHspace
February 4th, 2012
June 18 & 19th, 2012
After three sold out shows at NOHspace, awards from critics, and accolades from professionals and audience members alike, Ophelia will continue its run in at the Garage in San Francisco, then in Portland, OR in March 2013 for two performances during the Semaine de la Francophonie in collaboration with Alliance Française and Fabulations, and at Fort Mason Center for the two first weeks of April with a new walk through exeprience version involving dance, theater and video interaction.
The theater company Carte Blanche drops its suitcases in San Francisco to re-imagine the story of Hamlet's tragic heroine, Ophelia. Inspired by Arthur Rimbaud's elegiac poem to this remarkable woman, the story follows Ophelia beyond the pages of Shakespeare as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery.
In this newly revealed chapter, Ophelia travels the world searching for her identity. Lost in her dreams of Hamlet and the letters he sent her, she makes her way through strange and unknown countries, languages, and cultures. Always on the run, she flees from town to town, struggling with memories and dreams, with the ebb and flow of the tide of life as her constant companion.
At the crossroads between dance and theater, Ophelia is a meditation on the timelessness of this experience. Artistic director Charline Formenty channels her own story as an immigrant through this Shakesperian myth, while Rimbaud's text helps connect the tale to her French roots. The poem itself is a direct critique of Ophelia's naivety, as well as a love letter to the legend.
Directed by Formenty and performed by Marie W. Plouviez, Ophelia is the first creation of the San Francisco based company Carte Blanche.
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April 4, 6, 7, 11, 13, & 14th, 2013
@ Fort Mason Center, San Francisco
Ophelia at Fort Mason Center - A unique experience
Following an extended run in San Francisco and Portland, Carte Blanche breaks down the boundaries of theater to transform Ophelia into an interactive exploration of a physical world infused with Shakespeare. Transported to the grounds of the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, the show will follow Ophelia on her remarkable journey without the constraints of the stage.
Situated on the northern rim of San Francisco on the Bay, the Fort Mason Center brings Ophelia back to the water's edge. The audience will join Ophelia as she wanders through the grounds and buildings on her quest for identity, discovering new forms of expression around every turn. The immediate surroundings become symbolic reference points to better understand this Shakespearian myth, and her search takes on complex dimensions of vulnerability and courage in the open air. Ophelia is no longer a character in a play; she is one of us.
The history of the space, the shape of the buildings, and the fogginess of the city all combine to create a new kind of immersive theatrical experience. With live musical accompaniment, an augmented cast, and a cutting edge use of interactive video, the audience will become a part of the show like never before.
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Shows 2015
May 8 & 9th
at the Ashby Stage, Berkeley

June 5, 6 & 7th
at the Southside Theater, San Francisco

Shows 2014
April 8, 9, 10, 15, 16 & 17th, 2014
at NOHspace, San Francisco
Femme Fatale
Carte Blanche is coming back with Fanny Chantilly, the iconoclast Femme Fatale, for a new series of performances where she will tell us more about her, her life, herself, her France, her body and her freedom of speech. Come take a selfie with the most influential french queen of seduction in history. This show will cut your head off... à la française!
Inspired by the scandal involving the French president François Hollande and actress Julie Gayet, Femme Fatale is a poetic comedy about the art of seduction. In a setting of antique frames and lights, Marie Walburg Plouviez changes body shapes, faces and hair, making references to several feminine icons, and denouncing the representation of the female body in our society.
In the genre of French cabaret, this one-woman show tells the story of an expert in love, seduction and romance. She reveals her stories, her triumphs and tribulations as a woman in love with power. Steeped in magic, music, theater, dance and video, this show is an ode to seduction, taking the audience into a visual world of fantasies.
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Released in 2019
Shot at Zaccho Studio, San Francisco

El Joven
Music Video created in 2018
Artistic Director: Charline Formenty
Collaboration: Carte Blanche & Barrio Manouche

Story written, produced and directed by Charline Formenty
Lyrics and Music composed by Javi Jiménez

El Joven: Louka Peterson
El Sabio: David Calabrese
El Diablo: Fanny Ara
El Trobador: Javi Jiménez
La Muerte: Mélia Presotto

Editor: Paulo Presotto
Camera Operator: Turki Al-Rwaita
Lighting Design: Tom Hansen
Production Assistant: Emeline Lannois
Costume Design: Charline Formenty and Emeline Lannois

Music producers: Juan Manuel Caipo, Javi Jiménez and Cyril Guiraud
Recording overdub and Mixing: Juan Manuel Caipo
​ Barrio Manouche:
Javi Jiménez: guitars, vocals, palmas
Alex Zelnick: guitars
Luis Jiménez: cajón, palmas
Marcos Odara: congas, pandero
Gary Johnson: bass
Magali Sanscartier: violin, vocals
Cyril Guiraud: saxophone
Fanny Ara: flamenco dance

Flamenco photography: Fatimata Vetu

Volunteers:, Leah Hammond, Erin Montoya, Kai Montoya, Maxine Peterson, Lucía Jiménez, Marie Plouviez, Lisa Holsworth, Joe Ruggiero, Arianna Greselin, Joshua Lamberty and Maite Gascó

Special Thanks: Zaccho Dance Theatre and Joanna Haigood